• Savor the moment...

    Being present has immeasurable value. Today we often struggle to capture the moment and take joy in it. Great coffee can do this for us. The kind of coffee that stops time as you notice the flavors... that's what we strive to create.

  • ...without the effort.

    Kloo leaves all the technique and process to the masters, so you can simply pour and enjoy.

  • Sommelier treatment...

    As you sip, we'll show you what makes your coffee special, and what matches your taste. It's the sommelier treatment you deserve.

  • ...that helps you re-discover coffee.

    As you experience Kloo, we hope you find yourself "re-discovering" coffee as we have. What used to be a source of caffeine can actually be full of nuance to enjoy.

Hi - I'm Mariella, co-founder of Kloo. And I want to make it easy for you to re-discover coffee.

Just like many others, I've always loved coffee. When I immigrated to the U.S. from Korea, I ended up finding community with coffee lovers. This began my own process of re-discovering coffee. I started learning how to roast, different ways to brew, and how to identify the unique flavors in each bean. A drink I used to need to wake up transformed into a way to savor the moment.

Nearly 15 years have gone by... and my passion has never been greater. Along the way, I became a Q grader - that's like a master sommelier of coffee.

Partnering with my daughter, Claudia, we invented Kloo so that others could find coffee's magic without years of effort. Making craft coffee with Kloo leaves all the, well, crafting, to the masters. All you have to do is pour and enjoy, so you can spend less time worrying about techniques and equipment and more time finding flavors you love. That's what I call re-discovering coffee - tasting nuance in a once-familiar drink, and loving it!

Hope you enjoy your journey as much as I have.

If you are curious how we make Kloo taste so great, it's pretty simple. We just do things really differently than a normal coffee company.

It starts with the basics: the highest-grade beans. The best beans are called "specialty grade" and have "cupping scores" of 80 or better. We look for scores of 85 or better (in addition to taste-testing everything ourselves).

Then starts the harder part: Making Kloo and getting it to you.

- First, we carefully roast our beans in-house in a tailored process to bring out each bean's unique flavor profile.

- Then, we brew small batches of concentrate in yet another tailored process that brings unmatched clarity to the flavor in each cup.

- Fourth, we age our concentrate just enough for the flavors to mature - focusing in on the best notes.

- Finally, we keep your concentrate refrigerated on its journey to protect it from temperature-driven flavor changes.

Doing all this isn't easy. We do it because we take pride in our craft. Because we believe that coffee is worth enjoying.